15 June 2008

Anger our Biggest Enemy

Suggestions to be followed while we are in anger:
Try to avoid the situation that will make you angry.
Start counting numbers reversely from 100.
Try to think of a pleasant situation from your life.
Write the things which you are going to do at that time keep it in a shelf and read it after two days, then you will be smiling yourself.
Avoid anger and lead a joyful life.

13 June 2008

BEST of mumbai

Generally you all know about BEST of Mumbai. It is a transport which stands for Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply and Transports. It was started on august 7th, 1947. They are planned for celebrating the anniversary even though it has crossed its date. They have approached BIG B to commemorate the occasion by inviting him for a ride on their bus. They have also approached rani mukerji and sanjay dutt. Smriti irani has agreed to take part in the initiative. To watch stars on bus is a rare event, which is going to take place at Mumbai

Funda pos

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04 June 2008

Any Help....!!!!!

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