26 August 2008

Impact of Electronic Gadgets on Human Health...

Today world is revolutionized with innumerable electronic gadgets. Every day dawns with the launch of a new product that eases out one of the tasks that your muscle performs. Man has tasted the benefits of these gadgets and is passionate to own and use every new gadget that comes his way to reduce the manual labour, which he has to invest to get his daily work done. Computer being the prime accused instrument, however true that it has revolutionized the world. Its no miracle that today’s human sit at one single place for hours and get lots of work done like paying electricity bill, mobile bill, buying things, booking tickets, learning a course, communication, entertainment and the list goes on with no movement of body muscle except for the brain/eyes and fingers. All the work that human did involving movement to different places giving work to all his body parts are now done with no manual labour. The result is obesity/blood pressure/sugar and what not. Therefore, the advent of all these gadgets invisibly targets human health and ultimately deterioration of human body.

Should English be a medium of learning in India…..??

English is portrayed all over the world, to us it is a foreign language but still here, too it reigns the throne of human medium of communication. India has to its pride so many native languages characteristic of each of the cultural boundaries. In many of the states, the rural primary learning starts in mother tongue but there is a sudden leap of the medium from native language to English either due to lack of facilities in the rural area or for fancy. This way most of the students neither learn the native language thoroughly nor they gains mastery over alien language. Once the language itself becomes a barrier, the subsequent technical learning also takes a set back and technical knowledge becomes a half-baked thing. Ultimately, the essence of education is lost. As a solution to this let the standard of learning in native languages be enhanced and promoted through proper channel

My First trip in Delhi Metro

I had only heard of metro trains running across the city of Delhi until my hubby took me out just to try a ride in the metro train, as he wanted to fulfill my wish to travel in the train. When I first saw the train, I was really rejoiced to see the perfect finish of the train and the modern, majestic look of the train. The doors opened automatically as and when the train stopped in the metro station. It was a heavenly welcome and we got into the train. Within few seconds, the doors closed and the train engulfed us all into it. The chillness inside completely put off the outside heat and gave the comfort feel to enjoy the speed journey. The trains started heading towards the destination and after few stops and starts I was at my planned location with no sweat, no pain no dashing and clashing… no lookout for auto rickshaw. True as heard…. The journey in a metro feels real heaven and conveyance becomes an event of enjoyment.

25 August 2008

The plight of Indian women....

Women are said to be highly empowered these days. Is it in real sense?!! I doubt…!!. The male chauvinistic society had been stamping over the self-esteem of women for ages. They were made to be ignorant of their rights and exploited right from historical periods. Now people say time has changed and women are revolutionary nowadays, but the struggle is still on. Women are given the great title “epitome of tolerance” which is praise in disguise and that demands her to receive the brutal actions of men always with a smile. Women keeps transforming herself to fit into the frame of the roles like daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother and so on to great extents and at one point of time she hardly remembers who she was… what was her ambition, her thoughts, principles, likings, joy, individuality and the list of what she lost in life is endless. So the plight of Indian women remains still the same but with a modern envelop.

Friendship Vs Marital Knot....

Every time I think of my friends my brain and heart take a giant leap of joy and when I think of the relations around my marital knot the feel is like I’m back to pavilion. I wonder why thinking of good old days spent with friends always remains a sweet feeling. Now after getting into the marital knot I realize its full of expectations and demand my brain to keep handling emotional pressures. In the marital relation I can’t be myself, I have to transform myself to fit into the frame of marriage. When this prolongs my heart and brain really get tired and have no more power to enjoy the companionship. One gets so much entangled with emotional needs of the relation that the essence of life is completely lost. But it’s not the case with friendship that has a magical spell that always refreshes your heart and brain. One really forgets all the pains of the world when thinking of those beautiful short and sweet moments of joyful casual chat with friends under the tree in the college campus or those playful days spent with your school buddies. So the triumph is always for friendship and friends in everyone’s life.

DONT'S for a women in married life...

There are several “DONT’S” for a woman in married life. These are must for a woman at least to sustain the marital knot. Never praise your dad, mom and all your maternal and paternal ones. Never argue for what u feel is wrong, keep silence that should only be your virtue. Never ask questions to your husband especially issues related to your in-laws (Beware: The most disastrous area to touch). Never speak of your self-respect, as it’s a non-sense to him. Never ever boast about your professional achievements to him, as it’s your waste of energy. Never be sad even if he ill-treats/hits/uses degrading words for you and your parents /insults you in front of his parents and so on that includes all categories of humiliation, remember you are greatly known as “The personification of tolerance”. Above all Never ever expect your married life to be a bed of roses, the marital volcano keeps erupting….U Never Know why/when (...Aa..Aaa that’s the top secret…!!!).

22 August 2008

Mummy 3 Review...

Last week i saw the film Mummy 3-The Tomb Of The Dragon with my
college friends. This film may be considered as a continuation of its
previous verse, but doesn't have any link with part-II. This film
deals with the adventures of brendan fraser and his son. Abscence of
Rachel weisz is a big blunder of the film. Jetlee glows bright with
his Extravenous stunts, but thinking him as a villain is not
digestible. Scenes shot with Himalayan backdrop is apprreciable but
lacks luster. Comparing its older sequel i.e Part-I, this film lacks
all its incredients. overall Mummy-III is good entertainer only for

21 August 2008

Enthu Welcome To APPLE I-PHONE...

At last the waiting is over for the arrival of APPLE I-PHONE in India. Today at midnight they will be launching it at their retail stores.Frnds who are interested to get this costly gadget can register with Rs.10, 000 either with Vodaphone or Airtel. The price tag which has been set for these phones are Rs.31,000 for 8GB model and Rs.36,000 for the 16GB model. Enjoy the 3G technology of I-PHONE as 3G is going to hit India soon, first at Mumbai. Kudos to APPLE Inc.

Run Commands......

Run commands which are used to see the system configurations and for tuning up some performance which i use:

* DXDIAG It is used to see all the basic settings of your system.
* MSCONFIG It is used to change our start up programs, booting files, win files, etc.
* MMC It is also used to change certain settings and to grant and block access by the users.
*WINVER It is used to see the version of your windows OS.

To verify these keywords just follow the below steps:

1. Click on start menu.

2. Click on the Run command or else

3. Just hold down windows logo key and press R.

4. Type the above words there, either in small or caps.

Try these commands and comment me, if u want any more...

19 August 2008

Any Help On Softs...Just PM

Hi frnds i've been regularly updating my blog, if someone is in need of any softwares or any technical supports just post me a comment i'll help on it. I'll be posting something interesting this week like How to hack Yahoo pwds, Harry Potter Books, Placement Papers etc....keep supporting me....regs, guru

17 August 2008

Korean Mobile is On the Go......

My friend bought a China mobile recently which has all features just like N-95. It has made a crush between the youngsters, sound lovers and cheapest mobile takers. It doesn’t compromise on the basic to the extraordinary features likewise in N-80 to that of Sony’s W810i and other costliest mobiles. My frnds mobile has five speakers, 3 MP camera, USB which directly connects it to the pc, dual sim and added memory card slot. How come all these features bundled on to such a cheap price is open only to the manufacturers?

Safe Guarding Your Digi Cam.

Four ways to safeguard our Digital camera: The most familiar gadget which mast of us possess is a digital camera. Safeguarding it is a great issue. I use some accessories to protect my digi cam which I wish to tell u all. First thing is to prevent the lens from scratches, use certain filters like skylight filters. Then to protect the LCD display just use delkin’s Pop-up Shade. Use a second skin like camera armor. To keep the water away use Ewa-marine which covers the body and leaves the lens

Amazing Facts......

Some of English facts which I know:
*Murder for a jar of red rum is the longest palindrome in English.
*A sentence in English cannot start with because, because, because is a conjunction.
*The above told sentence is the one which has consecutive three because in a sentence.
*A humorous example for the misuse of grammar is, a teacher scolding a boy inside the class: why are you watching the monkey outside when I am inside class.

16 August 2008

Hot Job On Your Way....!!!

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WI-FI T-Shirt

Hi buddies I’ve read an interesting news last week which I would like to share with you all. A company has developed a WI-FI DETECTING T-SHIRT. This T-Shirt is an affordable and useful item that helps us to find the optimum position for a wireless communication. Whenever we are in a range of an 802.11b or g network, the glowing bars that adorn in front of the shirt lights up. If we have more bars on the shirt, stronger is the signal. We can get more details about this T-Shirt on firebox. Hope it’ll be useful to you all for some extent.

Soft 4 Soft Handling

Software’s which I prefer to enhance the performance and visual appearances of my system are,
Ccleaner- cleans temp files, recycle bin contents, start up programs, registry issues etc.
Vista transformation pack for XP- gives us the vista effect.
Star dock- enables us to access icons, which can be placed at any of the four positions in the screen.
Bull guard antivirus- all type of protection including advanced firewall.
You can try these soft’s, as I have tried all these soft’s and assure you full guarantee.

Wood Laptop

Bored of using the same old laptops which are made up of plastic or metal, are you interested in using a laptop which is made up of wood? Then you can try it, Ya it’s true I’ve read in a magazine that a Japanese company named fujitsu has manufactured a laptop which is made up cedar type of wood for the case and also makes use of bio-plastics for some parts. It carries the names of fujitsu and monacca. It is the first eco-friendly laptop that has been made.

Laoptop-Current tips

Hi pals, this time I want to share some of my ideas for buying the perfect laptop. Ok let me list the features that should be considered while buying a laptop. They are, 1.screen type, it can be glossy if you are movie maniac or a gen-2 gamer. 2. Build quality, which is the major criteria for handling and maintenance. To know more about this just hunt over www.notebookreview.com. 3. Ergonomics, which deals with the interface between the human beings, designed objects and environment. 4. Sound, features and battery. Preferring an in-build subwoofer is best or else go for a 5.1 surround system while considering the sound. Features like HDMI port, TV tuner (built-in), optical sound-outs can be preferred on extra features. Batteries should withstand up to 3.5 hours or more while watching videos. 5. Connectivity like wi-fi, high speed LAN should be included, accessories, software bundles should also be checked out. Finally the main aspect that has to be taken into consideration is the service & support.

Kudos to PC-World

Hi friends, there is a good news for u all. The PC world publication has published all of its edition till this date on a dual layer DVD in PDF format. To avail this u can just log on to pcworld.in. or else you can even get those dvd’s along with the pc world book which is available on all book stores. There are two dvd’s which are enclosed along with the book. The second dvd consists of all softwares like 101 free full version games and other utility softwares.

15 August 2008

My Terrible Food........

I had a terrible experience by eating the road side foods which I would like to tell you all. Fast food is the latest culture among us. They look very much classy when you see it, but it has lots of adverse effects on us. One which got earlier was stomach ache for more than a week after eating fried rice. I read in an article that a boy who used to eat regularly in this kind of place suffered from kidney failure. So my kind suggestion is to avoid fast food and have fresh fruits and vegetables.

Facts....Wonderful !!!!!

Fascinating facts which I read recently:
Giraffes are the only animals born with horns.
The hair of an adult man or woman can stretch 25 percent of its length without breaking.
The first domain name ever registered was Symbolics.com.
More than 50% of the people in the world have never, made or received a telephone call.

"Smoking"- Say No

Recently I read an article about SMOKING on Hindu. For most people, the first experimental drags on cigarette bring on nausea, coughing, breathing problems and other signals from the brain that say, "Turn back. This is a bad idea." But for some people, there comes a wave of pleasure. The second kinds of people bear a gene type whom will have an increased addiction rate. They also have a high risk of getting affected by cancer. So those who are having the habit of smoking please try to avoid it and lead a peaceful life.

My Transcend Pen Drive

Recently I bought a transcend Jet Flash 8 GB pen drive it is a price worthy gadget which I have ever bought. It has password protection facility, retractable connector. We can also set secure area for the pen drive. It has a read speed of 22MB/s, and a write speed of 4.5 MB/s. synchronization facility is also available with this pen drive. It has a decent build quality. According to me buying this pen drive is a best choice.

YouTube Videos On the go.....

Are you all wondering how to get YouTube videos on your iPod? Just go ahead for my tips to load that sort of videos onto your iPod. All you have to do is just download an all in one converter that is available on www.vixy.net. Normally all the videos on YouTube are in .flv format, we can convert this type into an mp4 format which is compatible with iPod’s format. All you have to do is just copy and paste the video’s URL into the converter. You can also do it online on the former told site.

13 August 2008

Fun At Kovai

A week ago I went to pizza hut at Coimbatore. I got a new experience there. All the customers who came to eat there was upper class families, we were the only middle class family among them. We ate chicken pizzas, tomato soup, and crunch along with some Pepsi. A girl who was sitting beneath us was going on eating, took some rest in between by roaming here and there and then started continuing her work i.e. “eating”. I had a great lunch on that day, which I wouldn’t forget.

01 August 2008