29 June 2009

Windows XP Genuine Registry Keys.

For windows genuine Registry key click on the below link...



download the above file and extract it to a folder, in the folder you can find lots of genuine registry keys, add any one of the registry key to your registry editor....


28 June 2009

Aborting a shutdown process.

For aborting a shutdown process, here are the steps.

1. Right click on your desktop and choose New option.

2. Then choose Shortcut from the popped window.

3. In the location tab browse to the root folder of your system for selecting shutdown file,

the location could be somewhat like “C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe

4. After selecting the file, type “-a” at the end.

5. The argument “-a” denotes abort.

6. Finally click on the Finish button to create the shortcut.

For tutorial download the demo file for the above steps from the below link.


That’s it now using this you could abort a shutdown process that is clicked unknowingly.

27 June 2009

Creating a shortcut for shutdown.

Here I’ll tell you all how to shut your system with a single click, for those who wish to reduce the number of mouse click to turn off.

1. 1. Right click on your desktop and choose New option.

2. 2.Then choose Shortcut from the popped window.

3. 3.In the location tab browse to the root folder of your system for selecting shutdown file, the location could be somewhat like “C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe

4. 4.After selecting the file type “-s –t -10” at the end of the file name.

5. 5.Or else you just type “shutdown.exe –s –t 10” in the location tab.

6. 6.The arguments “-s” and “-t” indicates shutdown and time interval.

7. 7.The time interval is specified in seconds you can alter according to your wish.

8. 8.Finally click on the Finish button to create the shortcut.

For tutorial download the demo file for the above steps from the below link


Now you are done.

26 June 2009

Remote Desktop Access.

I have recently come across a brilliant networking tool, which allows us to access remote desktops Easily using simple software called TEAMVIEWER. What is the procedure to do this? Here we go


The TEAMVIEWER software should be installed on both the machines.


1. Download TEAMVIEWER software from the below link


2. After downloading it you can run the software with or without installing it.

3. Now in the home screen's first column your ID and Pass will be there and

In the second column there will be a space for entering your friend's ID.

4. You should get your friend's ID and pass from him/her for accessing their Desktop

5. Or you should give your ID and pass to allow them to view your Desktop.

6 .After getting their ID type it in the required field and click the connect to partner button

7. After this you will be asked for your friend’s pass. Enter correctly.

8. it’s done, now you can view and access your friend’s Desktop remotely.

That’s it now you or your buddy could access Desktops from different ends.

24 June 2009

Installing Windows XP on a pre-installed VISTA Computer.

There is a simple way to install XP on a pre installed Vista. Here are the simple steps to do that.

Follow the given steps one by one.

1. The first step is to create a separate partition for XP, this can be done using ShrinkVolume feature in Vista.


· Open the Computer Management panel, which you can find under Administrative tools or by right-clicking the Computer item in the start menu and choosing Manage

· Find the Disk Management item in the list and select that.

· Now shrink your volume by right-clicking on the main hard drive and choosing Shrink Volume

· Now choose the size that you want to shrink according to your requirement. Minimum of 10GB can be chosen for ease of use.
· Now create a new partition for XP in the unallocated space and rename the partition as XP to avoid confusion
2. Now you'll have to pop your XP CD into the drive and bootoff it. You may have to configure your BIOS to enable booting off the CD drive.

3. Once you come to the screen where you can choose the partition to install on, and then choose the new partition you created. Whatever you do, don't try and install it onto your Vista partition.

4. After XP is completely installed at this point, and you will have lost your ability to boot into Windows Vista, so we'll need to use the VistaBootPro utility to restore the Vista boot loader.

Download and install VistaBootPro from vistabootpro.org

Or click on the below link for direct download.


5. During the install you'll be forced to install the .NET 2.0 framework.

Download the .NET 2.0 framework from here


6. After installing it Open up VistaBootPRO and then click on the System Boot loader tab. Check the "Windows Vista Boot loader" and then "All Drives" radio buttons, and then click on the Install Boot loader button.

7. Now the Windows Vista boot loader is installed and you'll only be able to boot into Vista, to fix that just click the Diagnostics menu item and then choose Run Diagnostics from the menu.

8. This will scan your computer and then automatically fill in the XP version... click on the "Manage OSEntries" tab and then click in the textbox for Rename OS Entry, and name it something like "Windows XP".

Click the Apply Updates button and then reboot your computer… you should see your shiny new boot manager with both operating systems in the list.

Alternative for step 7 and 8:

Instead of doing those steps you can try these steps.

1. Open up VistaBootPRO, click on the Manage OS Entries tab.

2. Tick the check box ADD NEW OS ENTRY.

3. Give the appropriate OS NAME in the first tab.

4. Select Vista legacy in the OS Type.

5. Select the OS drive where the Vista OS is installed probably be C:

6. Click on Apply Updates button and then reboot your computer.

Now you can boot into both the XP and VISTA....Enjoy

Restore RUN command in VISTA start menu

To restore RUN command in vista’s start menu follow the steps given.

· * Click the START MENU and RIGHT CLICK at a blank space in the menu to get PROPERTIES.

· * Click on the PROPERTIES OPTION and a properties window will be popped up.

· *Or RIGHT CLICK on the TASK BAR and select PROPERTIES.

· *After that click on the START MENU TAB.

· *Select CUSTOMIZE option in the start menu tab.

· *Scroll to the end to reach the option RUN COMMAND.

· *TICK the CHECKBOX and it’s done.

Now you can see the run command in your start menu.

19 June 2009

Hidden Vista Feature

Checkbox Feature

For selecting multiple files we generally use the trick of holding ctrl key and selecting items, this becomes little tedious if you’re working with a long list of files. Vista has a check box feature instead of holding ctrl you can use this option. For accessing this option here are the steps:

1 1. Open any System window like My Computer or Explorer.

2 2. Click the ORGANIZE menu on the top left below the menu bar.

3 3. Then select Folders and Search options.

4 4. Next, click on the VIEW tab.

5 5. Now scroll down to the end to see an option Use Check boxes to select items.

6 6. Enable it and click OK.

It’s done. Now whenever you move your cursor over a file you can see a check box appearing at the top left corner, using this you can select multiple files with ease.

WINDOWS 7 shortcuts

Some WINDOWS 7 shortcuts which I know

WIN +UP - Maximize Window

WIN +DOWN -Restore or Minimize Windows

WIN +LEFT -Snap window to left

WIN +RIGHT - Snap window to right

WIN +SHIFT+LEFT -Move current window to left monitor

WIN +SHIFT+RIGHT - Move current window to right monitor

WIN +HOME -Minimize all windows

WIN +X -Shows windows mobility centre

Recovering Lost Datas

For those who suffer from losing their precious data’s on their PC, here are some software’s which helps you out in recovering them with less strain. Here it is

Disk Digger- Freeware can be downloaded from www.DmitryBrant.com

Recuva- Freeware can be downloaded from www.recuva.com

RecoverMyFiles-Trialware can be downloaded from www.recovermyfiles.com

Norton Ghost- Trialware can be downloaded from www.symantec.com/norton/ghost

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600

Lenovo has launched a premium all-in-one Desktop PC. Its features are, 21.5” screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels which is perfect for a HD playback just like steeps its idea centre. It has a core 2 duo 2-Ghz processor, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a HDD capacity of 640GB with an inbuilt TV Tuner card and an all in one Remote. It has a touch pad too. On the gaming side it is equipped with Radeon HD3650 GCard and all other essential features. Best thing about this PC is that it provides all these features at an all time affordable price. This PC takes a clean lead from all its competitors.

Mobile Number Portability

There is good news for the dissatisfied mobile users from TRAI that the much awaited MNP that is Mobile Number Portability is going to come on September 20 for the users of the localities like Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chennai, AP and Karnataka. As a short description about MNP for the new users, MNP is a service which allows the users to change their Network without having to change their Mobile Number. It costs about Rs.300 for the transformation, according to some source. For more details about MNP jus visit the below link


18 June 2009

WI-FI T-Shirt

Hi buddies I’ve read an interesting news last week which I would like to share with you all. A company has developed a WI-FI DETECTING T-SHIRT. This T-Shirt is an affordable and useful item that helps us to find the optimum position for a wireless communication. Whenever we are in a range of an 802.11b or g network, the glowing bars that adorn in front of the shirt lights up. If we have more bars on the shirt, stronger is the signal. We can get more details about this T-Shirt on firebox.com. Hope it’ll be useful to you all for some extent.

My Messages

I always spend some of my valuable time for reading SMS’s. I would like say to some of my messages which I liked the most: * So many people write love letters but all of them send their first letter to me. Think how beautiful I am- DUST BIN. *Every sunset gives us, One day less to live! But every sunrise give us, One day more to hope! So, hope for the best.

17 June 2009

Fascinating facts

Fascinating facts which I read recently:

· Giraffes are the only animals born with horns.

· The hair of an adult man or woman can stretch 25 percent of its length without breaking.

· The first domain name ever registered was Symbolics.com.

· More than 50% of the people in the world have never, made or received a telephone call.

For Smokers

Recently I read an article about SMOKING on Hindu. For most people, the first experimental drags on cigarette bring on nausea, coughing, breathing problems and other signals from the brain that say, “Turn back. This is a bad idea.” But for some people, there comes a wave of pleasure. The second kinds of people bear a gene type whom will have an increased addiction rate. They also have a high risk of getting affected by cancer. So those who are having the habit of smoking please try to avoid it and lead a peaceful life.

Windows 7 Geniune Keys

Genuine Windows 7 Beta Keys to activate windows 7 Unlimited Times
Windows 7 Beta 64-bit Product Key

Windows 7 Beta 32-bit Product Key

Genuine Windows XP Keys


Windows XP Corp SP1: FH4HD-4JVJP-6G4GD-WWBGD-89JVH

Windows XP Corporate:


16 June 2009

My Terrible Experience

I had a terrible experience by eating the road side foods which I would like to tell you all. Fast food is the latest culture among us. They look very much classy when you see it, but it has lots of adverse effects on us. One which got earlier was stomach ache for more than a week after eating fried rice. I read in an article that a boy who used to eat regularly in this kind of place suffered from kidney failure. So my kind suggestion is to avoid fast food and have fresh fruits and vegetables.

11 June 2009

Earn for Recieving mails....

Hi frns,
i've joined a site which pays me for recieving mails to my inbox it's true, for each mails you recieve they pay Rs 0.30 and you can grow ur network by referring peoples under you, which coul earn more. so if u wish to join jus follow the link and register yourself

Vista Tricks

Here are the Hidden tricks of Windows vista:
* To get rid of the Vista's UAC control you can use vista's hidden administrator account.
you can access it by the following steps:
1.Go to C:\Windows\System32 and select "cmd.exe".
2.right click "cmd.exe" and select run as administrator.
3.after doing that type the below words in the command prompt
"net user administrator /active:yes"
4.after executing this task log off the system. now you can see another user in the name of administrator. this is the hidden user.
5, in this user no request for installing a software will be prompted.

For more tricks post a query.