14 May 2010

Running Incompatible S/W in Windows 7

The Major drawback of Vista was it's Compatibility issues with older programs. But Windows 7 comes with a Program Compatibility Mode that simulates the behavior of of previous versions of windows for that program. You can change the compatibility settings for a program either manually or by using the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

Here are The Steps to do it Manually..

* Right click on the program which you wish to run on compatibility mode

* Choose Troubleshoot Compatibility

* A Program Compatibility Assistant will be launched

* It automatically detects known Compatibility issues

* Notifies you if it finds any issues

* Tries to fix it the next time your program is run


It does not make any changes to your program. It just resolves the conflicts with UAC giving high privilege to your program or simulate an earlier version of Windows.

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